clipping. Release a New Weird Video for “Summertime”

Summertime comes off of their second album CLIPPNG. The video features an almost regular beach scene with MC Daveed Diggs’ face copied and pasted over other people’s faces. Like everything clipping. releases it’s the right amount of strange, entertaining and interesting.


The Curator Mix #1


Listen to my curated mess by clicking here here

A little taste of what’s been going through my ears recently and why:

***Rich Gang “Flava” from The Tour Part 1 Mixtape***

I’m on the Young Thug bandwagon. Like many on this bandwagon, I have no idea why I’m on it, I just know I’m here and enjoying my time. Rich Homie Quan ain’t a slouch either.

***White Lighter “Omen” from Self Titled Debut***

This is a dude who probably stuggles to pay rent, but I’ve been following Mark Salomon for a long time and his song writing sticks with me. This might be too normal for some people, but it’s a solid rock song and I’m just a fan.

***Tool “Rosetta Stoned” from 10,000 Days***

I feel most fans dislike this album and I was right there with them, but many of these songs have grown on me over the years and Rosetta Stoned is one of the weirdest songs they’ve ever written and here it is for you.

***BLKHRTS “Pack a Day” from Death,Romance and the color BLK***

This is one of the many Deathbomb Arc bands I’m fucking with. The jury is still out on many of these, I threw this in there because it’s a taste of what the label shoots for. They recently released a sampler on bandcamp, google it cause I don’t feel like linking to it.

***White Mandingos “My First White Girl” The Ghetto is Tryna Kill Me***

Murs has a way of being funny and satirical but at the same time having a real message. If you get the message in this song you might be dumb or if you don’t you might be dumb… does that make any sense?

***Cannibal Corpse “Kill of Become” From “A Skeletal Domain”

I’m gonna go see Cannibal Corpse along with Behemoth in a few days and this song is cool, zombies and killing and what not. Can’t wait to FIRE UP THE CHAINSAW-HACK ALL THEIR FUCKING HEADS OFF-IF YOU WANT TO LIVE YOU HAVE TO KILL OR BECOME

Dälek Releases First New Music in 4 Years

It’s been years since Dälek has released new material. This video is timely and very socially aware. The beat isn’t as crazy as most Dälek fans would want and hope for but new music on a topic that is important makes me excited about what might be coming right around the corner.

The song will be featured on the upcoming film 6 Angry Women.

“Police State is Nervous” is Dälek’s first new music release since 2011. Hopefully soon we get solid information on a new album and a tour.

Run the Jewels II [REVIEW]


I did not like Run the Jewels II better than Run the Jewels I. That’s the only negative thing I can say about this album.

Run the Jewels II is another great piece of work by the best tag team in hip hop. I’ve been a fan of El-P’s work for quite some time now, but as great a producer as he has been for more than a decade he really didn’t make an album that could be on my short list for all time favorite hip hop release until the work he did on Killer Mike’s RAP Music and his own solo album Cancer 4 the Cure.

Please understand, I loved I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead and Fantastic Damage. And I love his instrumental work too. But on those albums he didn’t quite mix the vocals correctly with the beat. It was almost as if he was trying to say “Beats are my strength and these vocals are secondary”. And that was probably true, but lately, with Run the Jewels I and II, with his last solo effort, with what he’s done with Killer Mike, the man has come into his own as a complete wizard of hip hop. El-P is like a basketball player who came into the league as a defensive liability and towards the end of his careers starts finding himself on the NBA all defensive squad. He’s become one of my favorite lyricists and has become a rapper who’s flow I respect more and more.

Killer Mike is just a work horse. As far as skill, lyrics and passion for his craft go, Killer Mike is one of the most underrated rappers in the game. Now that he’s connected with El-P and has returned to some semblance of fame (on his own muthafuckin’ terms) with Run the Jewels, people will start rediscovering how good he’s been on the albums he’s released in the last decade and a half.

Run the Jewels is free and it’s as good as anything that’s come this year or the last few years. Killer Mike and El-P, the best tag team in hip hop, the Bushwackers of hip hop.

Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me ft. Kendrick Lamar

This is my favorite music video of the year. Mastodon’s recent video for their song Motherload is close but it’s not quite what Flying Lotus has put together here along with another great featured verse by Kendrick Lamar.

The video has to be watched all the way through, but it mixes dark and happy quite well. The production and the beat is just what it should be, not overbearing but at the same time different and special, something Flying Lotus does all over his new album You’re Dead.

This video is both dark and beautiful.

Magna Carta Holy Grail by Jay-Z [REVIEW]

I like this album as much as I like many other Jay Z albums. I think people have given it too much crap and that it’s as solid as anything he’s done that isn’t a classic album. I’ve actually played this through more times than I’ve played Yeezus but it’s no where near as good or as important. Mostly Jay is a mantle piece on this album, he’s a familiar voice talking about familiar things.

But we can’t be on hate mode non-stop. Jay Z is relevant but hip hop is passing him by, so let’s respect the past but remember that out of nowhere he might drop another bomb on us. Until then we’ll just have to be cool listening to him rhyme Maybach in every single way possible.

Kanye West’s Yeezus [REVIEW]

So I had a bunch to say about this album, but it turns out Lou Reed said it already. Pretty much this is how I feel about Yeezus: Lou Reed’s Review of Yeezus

Best Albums of 2012- The List

I suppose I should write more about each of these and it should be noted in a different mood I might make a slightly different list, but for posterity’s sake here it is:

Top Ten All Together
1- Heems “Wild Water Kingdom” and “Nehru Jackets”
2- Cattle Decapitation “Monolith of Inhumanity”
3 Brother Ali “Mourning In America Dreaming in Color”
4 Django Django “S/T”
5 Killer Mike “RAP Music”
6 Ishahn “Eremita”
7 Kool AD “51”
8 Billy Woods “History Will Absolve Me”
9 Hot Water Music “Exister”
10 Goat “World Music”

Exmilitary by Death Grips


It’s dirty. It’s abrasive. It’s weird. It’s hard to like on the first listen, but a trained ear even on a first listen can know that something is there, something is going on. I’m not sure if Death Grip‘s first album Exmilitary is good, but it is interesting, it does get huge points for originality, with that said it is abrasive and raw enough that if someone said they didn’t like it I would understand. But boy did I like it.

Death Grips is somewhere between an angry analogue sounding rapper mixed with a bit of Deftones type sampling all recorded with the same DIY flavor of Black Flagg‘s album Damaged. They borrow/create/sample many different types of beats to rap over but the drum and bass beat doesn’t take over the whole song just like the dubstep beat doesn’t. The really stripped down beats like the one on the second track Guillotine does take over the entire track, that’s one of the “raw” parts I was talking about earlier.

Even though it is a hip hop album you can here the acoustic hardcore feel of the percussion, which is due to the fact that this is a Zach Hill project. Zach Hill being the already weird and experimental drummer from the Sacramento hardcore band Hella. Hill is quickly becoming the Mike Patton of drumming, seemingly willing to do anything that is interests him.

Like I said above, if you don’t like it I understand, but the fact that others are finding something to like should make you take a closer listen, either that or you should take the advice of the weird sampled chick on the track Culture Shock:

“You…you need to vibrate higher.”

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