Whitey Morgan Plays #RealCountry bro, at the Vinyl in Las Vegas

whitey morgan

My father is big NASCAR fan. It’s weird because he’s from Argentina and has an accent and is not your typical NASCAR dude, on one level. On the other he’s a truck driver from family that raced motorcycles in Argentina and has lived in the US now for over 30 years.

Me, not a huge fan, but that didn’t stop me from accompanying him to a recent NASCAR weekend here in Vegas, and while there’s a lot to say about that weekend, this is about Whitey Morgan. During that NASCAR race I was drunk, sun sickened, covered up in 100 degree weather like a character from Arabian Nights. My memory of the day isn’t great, but I do remember being informed by a NASCAR nation memeber’s shirt, that this guy named Whitey Morgan was hashtag #realcountry.

I’ve tired of people letting me know that something is “Real X Genre of Music”. I don’t like hearing that Common is “real Hip Hop” or that Blink 182 isn’t “real punk”, it’s getting “real stupid” to hear that stuff everywhere. So obviously this wasn’t the best way for me to be introduced to Whitey. But because of Spotify I can see if I like something without having to buy it. (oh fuck you Spotify, you suck, rich people aren’t getting enough from your streams…shut the hell up). I listened and I enjoyed it and few months later there he was on Songkick, gonna play in Las Vegas.

Now, punk rock and hip-hop and what not, don’t have have too much trouble finding people to check that stuff out. Country music is different story. I went by my lonesome like a Hank Williams song. Wasn’t the first time at a show alone and won’t be the last. In fact being there solo allowed me to pay closer attention.

Whitey Morgan’s music translates better live than it does from the recordings. That says a lot because I enjoyed the albums I listened to enough to decide I wanted to see him live. The guitar riffs, the singing, the back and forth with the audience and the strangeness of a guy from a working class northern town in Michigan playing a very southern form of our American music, all came together to make a great entertaining show. It was whiskey shots and country hero covers and bunch of people in cowboy hats getting rowdy.

So #realcountry bro, that’s lame. But good country music, well that’s definitely Whitey Morgan and the 78s.


Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples Rock the Hard Rock in Las Vegas 05/15

earl not redy 2 leave

Earl Sweatshirt and Vince Staples stopped in Vegas on the Not Redy 2 Leave tour. The tour has already taken them through the east coast and after Vegas they finish off with some stops in Texas and Arizona. Remy Banks of World’s Fair is support on the tour and local indie opener Ekoh opened Friday night’s Vegas show at the Hard Rock Café on the Strip.

Earl Sweatshirt’s popularity continues to grow and his fans seem as passionate as ever, especially about his old music, something he let crowd know he was bored of playing. After rapping the entirety of his new album “I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside” (not in order the Vince Staples cut was played at the beginning) he told the audience they did their part and now he’ll play the songs he wrote when “he was 14” and the crowd went wild when he played songs like “Earl” off of his mixtape from 2010 and “Orange Juice” the one and only EarlWolf song.

My guess is that this is one of the nicer venue’s Earl has played during this tour. The Hard Rock Café like most things Hard Rock is filled with music memorabilia, records nailed to the wall and employs plenty of security. The Hard Rock is nice, but a little too upscale in general for it to ever become one of my favorite venues. Despite the corporate feel of the location the crowd was ready and his fans were in full force.

One of the best things about Earl’s performance was the zero set up time between his set and his opener’s set Vince Staples. Vince finished his music and Earl came right out and the duo performed all the songs on which they share features. Vince walked off stage sick but still victorious and Earl took over.

The new album has been out just long enough that the crowd was feeling many of the songs. On my first listen of IDLS,IDGO I tweeted:

Earl’s beats in a live setting still had a dark and personal feel, but the tweet showed me I either need better speakers or I should just listen to everything on my headphones. Earl’s style is like hip hop chamber music, made for medium sized venues and like most hip hop translate best when fans who love the music are around. The Odd Future attitude was strong present too:

“We’re gonna do some call and response, don’t be that motherfucker that don’t participate.”

The only real negative at the show was no vinyl. Bullshit.

The aforementioned Vince Staples also had many people familiar with his music. Vince Staples is the odd man out of Odd Future and a clear friend of Earl’s. There has been some press in the past about Earl’s other friend Tyler the Creator not liking Vince. So hip hop beefs with friends in middle, but the beef isn’t real. It’s one of the things that makes Vince interesting and something I was curious to see crowd reaction, because the people that love Tyler, really love Tyler. Odd Future has a weird fan base,so the unexpected is expected.

Vince came out like Michael Jordan or Dirk (not like James Harden who sat on the bench and watched his team come back), despite having a flu he got up and killed it. His new songs had audience participation and his old stuff including tracks from “Hell Can Wait” also killed. Vince has rapping ability, I want to see him grow and set himself apart from the pack. I want to see him find that special thing. Excited for his first official release “Summer Time ‘06” which comes out June 30th.

Remy Banks opened and he talked about New York a lot. He was good, I’m not familiar with a lot of his music. I do like World’s Fair and posted music from them in the past. I enjoyed his set enough to check out his mixtape “higher” when it drop on May 18th.

How to Listen to The Music

Earl Sweatshirt:
Earl mixtape
Doris On Spotify.
I Don’t Do Shit I Don’t Go Outside On Spotify.

Vince Staples:
Hell Can Wait On Spotify. Some of the tracks he played live from this album were “Hands Up” and “Blue Suede
Stolen Youth can be found on Datpiff, he played “Guns & Roses”.
Winter in Prague on Datpiff.
Shyne Coldchain Vol 2 on Datpiff.
Shyne Coldchain vol 1 on Datpiff.

Remy Banks
World’s Fair on Sound Cloud

Earl Sweatshirt’s I Don’t Like Shit: I Don’t Go Outside First Listen Tweets


Finally gave a first listen to Earl Sweatshirt’s new album I don’t like shit: I don’t go outside. Kept putting it off because I wanted to give it a legitimate first listen, not just put it on in the background, but I had a ton of Bad Religion to listen to because of their two day foray in Vegas.

The punk rock is behind me for the moment and below are the initial reactions to listening to the album.

This second tweet got a lot favorites and retweets because someone in Rat King’s/Wiki’s camp retweeted it. I guess they’re on on their social media marketing. This is my favorite song so far on the early listens, Wiki’s flow just like Earl’s and Tyler’s takes some time to grow on you but when it does their features are pleasant surprises.

This is what got tweeted to me as a recommendation to start. Good interview, lots to say about this too:

This tweet encompasses the most important thought about the album. The flows and the beats are lazy, smokey and maybe boring and repetitive at first. It sucks to say that and it’s impossible to explain why I’ve kept listening, but here’s this droning repetitive sort of cool sounding beat, an MC that’s sort of doing the same thing. But why do I think it’s good then? Get back to you on that, but it is good.

Clearly I’m a dumbass. Shuffle is only for albums you know really well or for greatest hits albums. Otherwise listen to the songs in the order they’re presented or start in the middle if you’re tired of the early songs.

Definitely gotta get back to you on lyrical content. I’m sure he’s going somewhere with the mood on that too. To be honest I don’t expect the young and wise lyrics I got from Kendrick’s album, but we’ll see.

Radiohead’s Creep Covered By a Scary Choir of Blonde Chicks

Here’s a cool thing, a bunch of Belgian girls singing the eeriest version of Radiohead’s Creep.

Dale Watson to Release New Album “Call Me Insane” in June

Dale Watson is releasing an album on June 9th according the Saving Country Music.

Dale Watson’s website does not reflect this news.

Dale Watson is a country music singer whose fans would label as “real country music” and while I try to steer away from labeling my personal tastes as real metal or real hip-hop a new listener to Dale Watson and his Lone Stars would hear a throw back sound that still feels very modern. I learned of Dale Watson years ago when I had Sirius satellite radio and Whiskey or God was heavily played on the Outlaw Country station.

I don’t know a whole lot about country music, I’m learning more and more everyday, but Dale Watson is someone I’ve enjoyed for years and whenever he releases something I’m always excited to give it a listen.

Arena Negra by The Myrrors [Review]


Listen to the guitars drone and slowly build build build build to nothing. The first track is over 11 minutes and it’s layers and layers of musical drone. It just drones. On top of that vocals sound like they’re being chanted in the background.


At no point above was I being sarcastic or negative.
Droning fuzzy riffs.

The Myrrors’ new album Arena Negra feels like desert people making music. Despite the horns and the violins and the flutes, they sound nothing like Jethro Tull but they sound everything like the sand and the cactus and the perspiration you feel in the middle of the night in July in any southwest city.

I’m still working to get beyond the fuzz. I’ve listened to the album 5-6 times and I haven’t been able to identify each instrument listed on the back cover. The gives you a lot to travel through and a lot to discover. Dig through the fuzz man.

2014 Top Ten Albums


I totally cheated this year by making three albums tied for tenth place. So my top ten albums of the year is actually a top 12. I did this totally scientifically, I made a short list and album by album I asked myself which of the two I liked more and gave the winner one point. I definitely did the A is better than B but B is better than C but C is better than A confusion thing, but who cares, I normally regret these lists later anyway.

For example El-P’s Cancer 4 the Cure was a disappointment to me in 2012 and it almost for sure would be number 1 if I had to do the list over again. The number 1 album would probably drop out of the top ten completely.

10. Indian’s From All Purity, Doom Metal
Son Lux’s Lanterns, Triphop
Sleep’s Oregon Failure, Hip Hop
9.Grieves- Winter and the Wolves, Hip Hop
8.Sisyphus’s Self Titled Album, Triphop,Hip Hop, Indie Rock
7.Clipping’s CLIPPNG, Experimental/Noise Hip Hop
6.White Lighter’s Self titled Album, Modern Rock
5.Sage Francis’ Copper Gone, Hip Hop
4.Run the Jewels’ Part II, Hip Hop
3.Knifefight’s Self titled EP, Hip Hop
2.Sd Lalka’s That’s Hara Kiri, Electro/Noise
1.Jeffertitti’s Nile’s The Electric Hour, TRANSCENDENTAL SPACE-PUNK DOO-WOP

clipping. Release a New Weird Video for “Summertime”

Summertime comes off of their second album CLIPPNG. The video features an almost regular beach scene with MC Daveed Diggs’ face copied and pasted over other people’s faces. Like everything clipping. releases it’s the right amount of strange, entertaining and interesting.

Ida [REVIEW] Nominated for Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 2015


My wife is Polish, so this was a very talked about film in our household. I really try to not write negative reviews, but this movie plodded horribly and was mostly predictable. The plot was deep, but deep in a way that has been done over and over again. I feel bad for Polish filmmakers nothing from Poland gets recognized unless it has some connection to World War II.

The plot was basic and boring. Many scenes plodded and went on too long. Those are the most important things. But there were things that were beautiful in this film. The cinematography was wonderful. It had the standard European still shot with people moving in and out, many of these shots were from interesting angles and created their own sort of beauty. The choice to go black and white was also compelling and gave the film a more rustic feel. The watcher got a real feel and idea for what Poland felt and looked like in the 20 years after the war. This just isn’t enough to make a two hour film interesting.

2014 List Still Has a Ton of Unwatched Films

We are almost never able to complete these lists. Sometimes the documentaries and the foreign films are especially hard to find. The bold films are what we’ve seen to this point and the rest are waiting in the wings.

We still haven’t watched Nebraska on the Best Picture nominated list.

Perhaps I should just start making purchases of these movies.

12 Years a Slave 
American Hustle 
Captain Phillips 
Dallas Buyers Club 
The Wolf of Wall Street 
The Croods 

The Great Beauty (Italy) in Italian 
The Broken Circle Breakdown (Belgium) in Dutch 
The Hunt (Denmark) in Danish 
The Missing Picture (Cambodia) in French 
Omar (Palestine) in Arabic 
20 Feet from Stardom 
The Act of Killing 
Cutie and the Boxer 
Dirty Wars 
The Square 
Despicable Me 2 
Ernest & Celestine 
The Wind Rises 

  • Watching Reading Listening Doing

    Stalingrad: The Fateful Siege: 1942-1943 by Anthony Beevor

    Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time by
    Brian Tracy

    Sandman by Neil Gaiman


    Colored Sands by Gorguts

    Run the Jewels II by Killer Mike and El-P

    Concerto in A Minor for Cello and Orchestra, Op. 129 written by Robert Schumann performed by Yo-Yo Ma


    Star Trek Original Series Season 1


    Studying for Chartered Professional Analyst Level II Exam

    Trying to organize a writing and working out schedule

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